Tarragona and Cambrils

Tarrgona in Catalonia is a popular tourist destination. You can visit the Roman ruins here from a Roman theatre and a Roman circus.





Other places to visit are the Tarragona Cathedral, shops and you can take a visit on a small tourist train around the city.

They also have some great restaurants here as well from fresh fish to Tapas.


The buildings date back to the 1st and 2nd century and it’s amazing to see and how well they have been preserved.

And you must visit the beaches here. You can walk along the pier to the harbour, and walk to the Roman ruins, where it will lead you into the city centre.


My first stop in Tarragona is Jumpland Aventura Ecològica. It was such a good experience that the whole family can enjoy, from children to grandparents. The routes have easy, medium and difficult with zip wires at the end that are my personal favourite.

IMG_1363 (Edited)   IMG_1365   IMG_1368

You can choose which type of activity you want with different prices. I found the guides very helpful and were very safety conscious and will translate into English if you need them to.

The second stop was Cambrils which I would advice for the people who enjoy the quieter IMG_1394seaside towns. You can take a road train ride through the town which takes 40 minutes and shows you some of the highlights of the town.

There is plenty to keep you entertained with plenty of restaurants, bars and excursions during the day.