Penelles is a special place in Lleida and for a very special reason, its street art.

The buildings are painted with the most detailed artwork I have seen, and each one is completely different.





The art is created by people from all over the world who showcase their talent in an annual festival.





One of the aims is to attract more tourism to the area and bring people together.

The paintings have been celebrated at the festival for only two years, but in 10 years, I will be excited to see what the village will look like.


Aplec Del Cargol

In Catalonia, it is famous and a tradition to eat snails. The city of Lleida celebrates this with an annual festival in May.

Thousands of people come here from all over the world to take part.





The festival takes place over three days and is celebrated until the early hours of the morning.





Live music is also played and street entertainment can be seen.

Approximately 200,000 people visit over the weekend and 12 tonnes of snails are eaten.

Different groups can be seen at the festival with their own unique t-shirts and areas.



Moros I Christians

In May, the city of Lleida celebrates the Moros I Christians with a big battle.

The history of the groups, with the city, dates back to the 12th century and they parade from the historical castle.





The people recreate history where many people get involved and hundreds of people come to help celebrate and watch.




Some groups have their own unique music as they march through the city.


They dress in colourful uniforms that lead into the night.