Monthly Blogs


Happy New year and I hope you all had a good Christmas.

This is the last monthly blog of this kind that I will be doing, as every year I want to evolve my website and blog and add new things to it. I have been writing this for a year now and have received some lovely comments and followers on it, but its defiantly time for a change and grow.

I will be bringing back some new videos which is really exciting and lots of new reviews and blogs to share with you all. I will be of course sharing on here and my youtube which is now getting 3k views- something I never would have thought to happen.

This month has flown by, as I think the year has too. I finally got my cast removed which was a relief, especially for christmas and my best friend’s wedding. A day that I was so happy to share with.

So much has happened this year too, and so many different opportunities have come my way which I never would have predicted. I have a job which I love, and even though it can be tiring and stressful, it’s so fulfilling and rewarding that makes me feel I made the right decision to apply.

My radio show with my amazing co presenter Sam is also thriving and it’s so nice to work with someone where all you do it laugh at each other.

I love the uncertainty and the unpredictability that the new year can offer and how your life could change in so many great ways, that you should take every opportunity that is thrown at you and embrace it.

I cant wait to share with you the updates on 2020 and my advice for the new year is to enjoy all the moments you can have a little adventure.

Happy new year

Have the best 2020

Watch this space




End of November and that means the start of a new blog.

What a difficult month this has been. I have been in a cast all month from breaking my arm and its not been an easy ride. Definate highs and lows but I wouldn’t have got through it without my amazing family and friends helping me out. And I can’t express how much I appriciate them from the simple things like driving me places and even cutting up my food. Never break a bone!

I have taken some pretty cool trips around Yorkshire this month. One in Hull at the Deep and the street life museum. Defiantly recommend visiting them both for a great day out.

It was also my best friends Hen Party. We went axe throwing which was awesome and had girly night out ready for the wedding next month.

And another exciting thing that happened this month was the start of my new radio show with my amazing co presenter Sam. We present every Sunday from 10am.  It has been a  good few years since we presented together and we have so much fun when were doing it. Can’t wait to share what we get up to.

Next month will be a year since I started the monthly blogs and I have decided that I won’t be continuing for another. As it’s the new year I want to try and create new things and new ideas so keep watching the website for new and exciting updates coming.

Happy November




Its finally Autumn and I’m not going to lie, I’m absolutely freezing. Totally cannot handle the cold- bring back shorts and t-shirts any day. However, it does give me a reason to wear my Harry Potter woolly hat- so its not all bad.

This month has had its positives though. My new job is throwing lots of new experiences at me, which I love. I have met some incredible people and some amazing animals too. Something I would not have thought I would be doing even a month ago. I think you have got to jump at the chance of something that comes your way and live in the moment. Sometimes its difficult to make the leap, but it might be something good. #inspiration

I also have an exciting amazing new radio show which I’m presenting with my Spanish Bestie- Sam. I cannot wait to share with you what we get up to and how you can listen. Its been a few years since I was presenting radio, but its something that is really special to me and is a great way to show off your personality and quirky ways, and genially have a laugh at your own mistakes and life stories that hopefully others enjoy listening too as well.

I also celebrated Halloween this year with the best way is to dress up, go into town and drink cider and wine. Yeah not the healthiest choice but I think its now become a tradition of me and my sister, and it’s a lot of fun.

I hope this next month is just as good as this one. And only two months to go until Christmas. I hope I can do some more filming videos to share with you all.

For radio- The show starts the first week in November. I hope you can listen. Its called Jorvik Radio.

It is also nearly 1 year since I have been writing this blog, and Im thinking of adding some new features like advice, craft and cooking features. Can’t wait.

Happy October




What a world wind of a month. I recently started a new job that is just awesome. The best description is I work with animals and I stroked a giant turtle and hugged a calf- pretty different to last month I think.

I also celebrated with the family, the York Balloon Fiesta which I think is one of my favourite festivals in York. This year there was a giant assault course which was the most fun iv had all year.

Again I have learnt the value of friendship and those who rather choose a life of abhorrence.  It never fails me to see people who’s aim is to destroy your self confidence, career and success, for no reason but their own. To choose to focus their energy on bringing a person down rather than working alongside them. Are you going through this, or been through this , you need stay strong, ignore the haters, and it’s not you with the problem. It’s them. 

Talking to someone is so important, don’t suffer in silence.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, I have been planning my best friends hen do which is super exciting and I have been playing hockey lots with some cracking bruises to show off.

As a summer person, I am totally going to try and embrace Autumn and I am lookign forward to Halloween. Its the best so look out for my pumkin carving pictures. Heres a few from last years.

Have a great month




This month started as a filming month. Firstly I was invited to write a review at a new Van Gogh experience in York, and the views have literally skyrocketed. I have never seen the stats go to so many different countries. It’s incredible. So, I am very greatfull and thank you for all the views. It really is a good experience. Here is the blog page in case you missed it:

I also got to test out my rusty Spanish this month by going on a Spanish evening with my Spanish amiga Sam. I think we drank more wine than speaking Spanish but its always nice to get out and let your hair down and show off your legs in very high shoes.

I also visited one of my favourite places called Moorlands in York with the mother. I remember coming here such a lot of times as a child and it hasn’t really changed since then. It sounds strange, but it has such a unique smell of the forest, that’s so fresh- I love it.

I was also invited to film a huge project at Dalby Forest this month. It was such a good day. I filmed in the treetops on Go Ape and took the mountain bikes around the park too and managed to produce three videos. Which I can’t believe how well it is doing as well. I have had people viewing in from Finland, Spain to even South Africa and Hungary. Here’s the link to it- it’s such a fun day, that you must visit for your self and try out some of the things on offer.

It’s also the end of the summer this week, and that means it’s back to work. But I am looking forward to all the future prospects that may come my way and you never know what is around the corner. I am also in my own Hockey team in York which is exciting, and my first official game is next week- how cool is that.

Happy August

Natalie xxx


It’s finally the summer holidays and that means with my job, I get the full summer holiday off too- Wahoo. So I have planned some filming days and family days out and just enjoying myself. Why not!!!

I have been given the opportunity to review some restaurants this month which was fun, and I tried some amazing food and I have some more reviews lined up which is pretty exciting. All the reviews and vidoes are on the home page on my blog:

I finally got to visit my friends and like second family in Catalonia this month and it was so nice. I have been looking forward to this since January.

We travelled to so many different beaches on the Costa Brava coast and ate a lot of amazing food and drink. One thing I love about this country is that the people are so welcoming.

My good friend Dolors showed me some great places like Sitges and Torredembarra for the beach and we visited the city Lleida too. A highlight was Torredembarra and having drinks in the catherdal and singing badly to Ed Sheeran. And I have even written a blog about the beaches and what you can do there:

I also got to visit the family I lived with last year and their friends too and they took me to Cambrils. I can’t believe its been a whole year since I was there. I got to practice lots of Spanish too and safe to say I was extremely rusty, but maybe in a year of practice it will come together… Hopefully… It did make me miss Catalonia all the more though and working there.

The flight coming home was not only an emotional one of goodbyes, it was a bumpy one too. Remember the thunder and lightning storm England had? Well I flew through that. It was like a rollercoaster which lasted an hour and you couldn’t get off. My God. I have never seen people leave a plane so fast once landed.

The coming weeks I have some filming projects planned and coming up with the next lot of ideas for the blog. I will of course be relaxing and looking forward to the next adventure that comes my way.

Maybe a bit late- but Happy July

Natalie xxx


June is a very good month, for one reason- it’s my birthday month! I got to celebrate it with my lovely family where I got spoilt with lovely gifts and wine and gin- which I can safely say that there’s none left.

I am also able to buy a new hockey stick which is exciting, but now its the hard decision of which one to choose from.

I have always had a massive sweet tooth and I love cookies and this year I got the best cake ever from my mum- a giant cookie! It was amazing! My grandma also knitted me a Harry Potter hat.

I have worked in so many different places this month too, which has given me some really good experience in working with special need children. A definate area that I really enjoy working in, along side my media career.

I also visited one of my favourite beaches too, with the family. we went to fraisthorpe. Heres a little video of it:

If you didn’t no this about me, I quite enjoy growing fruit and vegeatbles in the garden. And this year I am growing sunflowers as well. It is the only surviving one but it is now bigger then me, wahey! I wonder how tall it will get.

Also finally the rain has passed in the uk and we are finally at 30 degree weather- wahoo- doesn’t it just make life so much better when the sun is shining and the sky is blue

Happy June

Natalie xxx


This month has been a complete up and down of emotions.

One exciting thing was I went wedding dress shopping with my best friend Clare, where I helped pick the most amazing dress in wedding dress history (obvs can’t post a picture) so here we are having a celebration gin after (or two, or three….) . I’m so privileged to be able to help her pick the dress of her dreams.

I finished one of my jobs with a school working with children who have special needs and overcome barriers and help them with the challenges their face. This was such a difficult role but the most rewarding and I can’t wait to start the next adventure.

I have learnt this month, in the inspirational Disney Quotes from Elsa to “let it go” that some people who you used to no are better out of your life now, and to not let it dwell on you as a person. Its better to have the friends who want to be in your life, than to try and be friends with the people who are your friend for different reasons.

This month I also have faced challenges with people of a specific gender who like to belittle you and stop you becoming a strong and successful person. This bewilders  me, because I think everyone of all ages should be encouraging and supporting each other to be strong and if you do find yourself in this situation, I firmly believe to stand up for your self and never let people get in the way of your own successes and goals that you want to achieve. I think sometimes we all need a bit of that #girlpower

On a positive note, I am now into my 4th week of hockey training that I have just started, and I absolutely love it. I must admit the first week, I felt I was going to pass out. I train 4 times a week swimming, and I thought I would be totally fine at hockey- turns out its completely different muscles and I walked like a penguin for at least 2 days after the first session.

But with determination and practicing every day, I have managed to survive this long, and I can’t wait to continue playing, I also got the opportunity to play with a team member from the ladies Olympic hockey- which was amazing.

So that’s my month, I think a positive note to come out of this is to look to the positives and leave the negativity behind.  

Happy May

Natalie xxx


It’s coming up to the end of the month again, so here is my April Blog. This month has defiantly been full of energy and well being with lots of decision making, and ideas floating around.

The website is going in full swing again after deciding to take more time dedicated to it and the first thing I filmed this month, was a new spa in Scarborough and it was amazing. Firstly, to be given the opportunity, and it’s such a great feeling to see how far my website has progressed and accomplished to be a professional blog and business which has built a positive reputation.  And I am planning to film much more like this in the future.

Hasn’t the weather been incredible this month which always makes me feel better. Defiantly summer is on its way which makes it even better to explore and film some at great places outdoors.

Also this month has been a month of reunions, where I got to reunite and reminisce with college friends from 10 years ago. Despite our paths have completely changed, when we all got together it felt like nothing had.

Through the wonders of time-hop I was reminded that it has been a year since I made my big move to Spain- a move that gave me lots of opportunities and experiences that I use here in England too. I can’t say that I don’t miss it and having the choice to climb a mountain or sun bathe on the beach sounds quite appealing at this moment, but without the opportunity, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

All in all April has been a pretty good month with gin, sunshine and memories. And next month will be full of new experience and meeting lots of different new people, and trying things that I haven’t tried before.

Happy April

Natalie xxx


How Is march over already? This month has literally flown.

Positives though, the clocks have now gone forward, which is one of my favourite days, Yes you do lose an hours sleep, but it’s getting lighter on a night and summer is coming, my favourite time of the year.

It may sound odd, but even when the blossom comes on the trees, it’s exciting because it’s getting warmer.

Three birthdays were celebrated this month, my sisters, my niece Polly, and my Niece Nancy- which is actually on the 1st of April. But I’m counting it anyway.

It’s also planting season- which I love to plant all different kinds of fruits and vegetables and this year- I’m going to try and grow giant Pumpkins and Sunflowers.

Something I have to look forward to is that its 3 months until I return to Spain- wahooo, super excited, but kinda wish I was staying longer than I am. And I realised since I havnt practice much Spanish since July last year- I need  massive a booster of crammed learning in three months.

And finally today is Mothers Day- and I’m so lucky to have such a lovely mum like mine.

Happy March, Natalie xxx


I can’t believe how fast this month has gone, compared to January, its insane. This month has been crazy, I have had auditions, interviews, met some really nice new people and I have filmed at some great new places.

One of the places I was lucky enough to be allowed to film at was Eden Camp, Iv never been here before, and it was really interesting and some of the WW2 sections was quite scary, I remember following a dog through the Blitz thinking… “Well he’s brave, let’s follow him”

Another thing that I did this month was filming my best friend for 16 years, Clare, getting engaged to her partner Lore after a skydive which was just amazing. I kinda secretly wished I did the skydive with them, but it was amazing to capture their experience.

Now then Yorkshire (my second blog) is still going strong with different ideas every week, and poor Adam maybe getting slightly worse off than me.

Lastly, I like to think of the things I will look to forward every month.

This month I have Mothers Day, My sisters birthday and my niece Polly’s 4th birthday and any new projects and filming projects that come along on the way.

Happy February, Natalie x


This is the start of my new monthly blogs for 2019. January has felt like such a long month, but I have achieved so much. I have had two big interviews, started working on my website again with some exciting interviews lined up, and I have been working on my second vlogging weekly videos with one of my favourite people- Adam.

Everyone always asks if you have a new year’s resolution, and normally I don’t, but this year I want to give a message to myself and that is to not be so hard on myself and believe things happen for a reason. Sometimes I think we put too much pressure on ourselves and we need to give ourselves a break and enjoy the ride along the way.

Saying that, this month I have been stuck inside my car- (my locks broke, and I couldn’t get out), and I accidently died my hair orange.

What I’m looking forward to most this year are so many things. I am going back to Spain for a quick visit to catch up with some amazing people and of course, do some sunbathing and mountain climbing. Developing my website and continue making some great videos and making even more with my other “Now Then Yorkshire” website and blog. Spending lots of important time with family and friends as well.

I was once told that I would never achieve anything in media, and had to accept that I wasn’t very good, but how wrong they were, and my message to other people is to not let people like this get you down and destroy your confidence, and never stop chasing your dreams.

Happy January, Natalie x

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