Yorkshire’s Jurassic World

The Yorkshire Museum has opened their latest exhibition, Yorkshire’s Jurassic World which features collections and the latest technology which takes visitors back to the Jurassic period, it was opened by a very special guest, Sir David Attenborough. There are all … Continue reading Yorkshire’s Jurassic World

Wensleydale, Yorkshire

I took a visit to Hawes in Wensleydale and visited three iconic areas. The videos are split into three separate ones, 1) Around Hawes town, 2) The making of Wensleydale Creamery, 3) The Yorkshire Dales Museum. Part 1, is the center and shows you some of the great spots to come to, and the stunning views around the town including walks and waterfalls. Part 2, is at Wensleydale Creamery. I was lucky enough to enter the factory and find out how they make this famous cheese, why thousands of people come here every year and how to identify the right … Continue reading Wensleydale, Yorkshire