NYMR 60’s Festival

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway recently celebrated their 60s festival at their railway stations. Live music and car shows were sign amongst the stations and people took tours around them on the famous Steam Trains. I was even lucky enough … Continue reading NYMR 60’s Festival

Knaresborough Castle

  My latest post I put up was about the town of Knaresborough and a few months ago I visit Knaresborough Castle. I was led down the underground tunnels and shown how this town used to live when the castle was thriving. I was also told what happened at the courts. https://soundcloud.com/natalieeaglen/podcast-natalie-knarsbrough-castle   Continue reading Knaresborough Castle


Knaresborough is a historic market town in North Yorkshire, and I discovered many of its hidden surprises here. From the castle to the pretty riverside, I show you some of the most popular and maybe secrets of the town.   Thousands of visitors come here every year for great experiences. Mother Shipton’s Cave is a must visit and the walk to the cave along the river is stunning. If you are into exploring, the castle has secret underground passageways and has seating areas inside the cliff side. The Chapel of Our Lady of the Crag is only a short walk … Continue reading Knaresborough