Sweet Treats

Cherry Ice Lollys

Iv been doing some more filming this week. And because its summer I made Ice Lollys, but Natalie Style with a hint of amaretto- They tasted so good

Home Made Jam Tarts

One of my favourite desserts are Jam Tarts. So I put my baking hat on, and made them. They are amazing- really easy to follow and really tasty. Enjoy

Healthy Bakewell Bars

Fancy having a sweet treat without feeling guilty about it? My healthy Bakewell Bars will do just that. Still has that amazing almond taste but it’s actually good for you.

Elliotts Coffee Cake

This recipe is amazing- Try Elliotts Coffee Cake- delicious, rich with that tingle of coffee we all admire.

Cheryl’s Chocolate Delights

Try Cheryl’s amazing chocolate delight recipe- its #sogood and perfect for that naughty little treat.

Kate’s Easy Superhero Lego Cake

The Bake Off is in the houses of Yorkshire with Kates amazing Easy Super Hero Lego Cake. This delicious cake recipe is perfect for those special moments we all celebrate. Follow her simple and easy steps “brick by brick” to make your own creation.

Elliotts Carrot Cake


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