Main Meals

Home Made Pizzas

One of my favourite foods is a Pizza and this easy recipe will give you on ef the best Pizzas you have ever had! Choose your own toppings or follow mine. I love it

Indian Veggie Burgers

I have created an amazing tasty Indian style Veggie Burger, It is really healthy for you too, and packed full of hidden vegetables with lots of flavour.

Vegan Waffles

Meat Free Fitness has shared one of their amazing recipes.
Start your day off well with their Vegan Waffles and Blueberry Sauce

They have so many amazing recipes on their website- Check them out on:

Thai Style Coconut Curry

This is a family favourite- try my Thai style coconut curry. You definitely won’t miss a take away with this recipe.

Natalie’s Veggie “Sausage” Rolls

One of my favourite naughty snacks are Sausage Rolls. So why not make a version that isn’t completely bad for you- but tastes so good. I honestly love this recipe- and it’s full of spices and nice flavours that you can’t just say no to only one. Heres the video of how to make it.

Macro Bowl

I’m going super healthy at the moment, and adding as many vegeatbles in my diet as I can. And I came across Macro Bowls and they are so good. So I had a go at making my own. And this is only one of so many I have made- I love them.

Puff Pastry Tart

Perfect Lunch time treat- my Puff Pastry Tart. Its so tasty. Really easy to prepare and quick to cook.

Veggie Burgers

Try my delicious Veggie Burgers/ wraps. Packed full of vegetables with lots of amazing flavours. Really easy to make- with my step by step guide. I chose to make them in wraps but you can put them in bread buns too.
Hope you enjoy them!

Chicken and Tarragon Sauce

One of my favourite dinners. The tarragon really adds that uniqueness to the dish. Really simple to make, good with potatoes or rice on the side. For Vegetarian options, use tofu.

Satay Noodles

Try my take on Satay Noodles. Great for a main meal, full of flavour and has that amazing coconut taste. Quick and easy to cook.

Bacon Tomato Pasta

Try my healthy Bacon Tomato Pasta- packed with vegetables with an amazing pasta sauce. Quick and easy to cook- and definitely a family favourite.

Vegetarian Burritos

Go healthy with my amazing vegetarian and vegan burritos. Packed full of flavour and spice.

Almond and Soy Sauce Salad

Try my take on the asian and Soy sauce salad. One of my absolute favourite things to cook, its packed full of nutrients and is perfect for Vegetarians. Its quick and easy to cook and full of flavour.


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