Science Rainbows

My latest science experiment. Making Rainbows. But was it a science Fail or did I succeed?

Nat tries Science… Lava Lamp

I had a go at the latest trend of Home Made Lava Lamps- Check it out- Did my Science experiment work?

What things can you can get up to at home. Well here you can find anything from a Spanish lesson, guitar lesson or even home made beauty washed down with a large glass of wine.

Nat the Scientist

Science experiments- Elephant Toothpaste. Did I manage to create this foamy explosion….

Slime Making

I have always wanted to have a go at making my own slime. So here is a recipe I followed-
Tips- use something to cover your worktops
Wear an apron so it doesn’t ruin your clothes

Enjoy 🙂

Natalie’s Bath Bombs

Try my home made bath bombs- The smelt amazing.

The Cup Song

One of my favourite films is Pitch Perfect- so naturally, I had to learn The Cup Song.
Here are step by step guides for you to learn it too.


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