Here you can find lots of tips, hints, videos and anything to help you with your exercises at home. What you can do, and how to build up to it.

Hockey Skills Part 3 with Natalie

Learn more dribbling skills, the famous V Drag and a mini-game.
Don’t forget to warm up before- you can do this with a football too.
There are some helpful hints and tips too- and don’t forget to check out the other tw

Football Training with Clare- Dribbling Skills

Join Coach Clare who teaches you some dribbling skills thats you can practice at home.

Hockey Skills Part 2 with Natalie

Learn how to do the Hit, The Reverse Stick and my new game Basket Hockey.
Dont forget to warm up before- you can do this with a football too.
Learn some of my hints and tips to help you with your hockey skills.

Football Training with Clare“The Ronaldo Chop”

The Ronaldo Chop is an advanced football move when you’re facing a defender one-on-one.

With one foot, approach the defender directly at a slight angle while in control of the ball. Pop forward to plant your off foot in front of the ball to shield it from the defender, while simultaneously kicking the ball with the inside of your other foot, so it crosses behind your plant leg just before it hits the turf. Then pursue and maintain possession of the ball while exploding past your defender.

Basic Hockey Skills with Natalie


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