Treasure Hunt York

Recently I was invited to York’s latest attraction, Treasure Hunt York. This treasure hunt was not like any other escape rooms or mystery hunt I have experience before in the city. Everything you needed for it, was all on your mobile and a good head for seeking out the clues.

My selected team started at the museum gardens where we had a website link to click on and start the game. The link also gave you a map of where to meet, incase you are not familar with the area. We got to explore the museums gardens where we began our adventure at the York Observatory leading to the ruins and through to the art gallery where we seeked out a further three challanges to answer. The challanges are not easy, I must admit, so you have to think outside the box and hunt for what is around to get through to the next stage. A good thing, is that it offers you hints so when you are really stuck, it will give you a nudge in the right direction.

After a few more challanges, we were led to the Minster Gardens and found a bench that had stone faces carved into it. I have walked through the gardens many times and never spotted this before, a great find.

Half way into the treasure hunt we stopped off at the Duke of York, where we recieved a voucher code for a discount for food and drink, a great idea and a good rest to recharge.

After a spot of food and cider, we all headed back to the Minster for more clues and challanges where we ended in a hidden alley way called Lady Peckett’s Yard.

What I liked about the hunt, was that it takes you around some parts of York that is great to explore and see. I even went down streets that I have never been before.

I think I would have prefered a level set for easy or medium as we did find some of the challanges quite hard and after three tries it told us the answer, but it was a good chance to get out the house and explore what is on your doorstep.

I hope the game could even expand further, with the more popular it gets and explore further into the streets and history of York.

All in all, Its a great day out, and its a tour and treasure hunt of its own, one that you can take at your own pace and have a day out with a difference.

A few tips:

  • I would come with a power bank for your phone,
  • Make sure you have enough data,
  • Do the challange in the morning as this gives you plenty of time
  • Bring suitable clothes for the weather.
  • The trail is 2.5 hours long, but plan for longer just in case

To do the trail it costs £11.99 per person

At the end you can see your score. Maybe we didn’t do as well as we thought, but we had fun.

If you fancy the challange- Here is 10% off using the code Natalie10– Good luck


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