Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

The latest Art experience to come to York is all about Vincent Van Gogh. Now I am not a follower of art itself, however, the experience opened my eyes to the exhibit.

It’s not just an ordinary art exhibit though. This one is with a difference; it comes to life.

Based at York St Marys Church in The Coppergate Centre, York, I would say you start the journey on the new iconic touch to the street which is the Umbrella walk. Each umbrella has a different design of Van Gogh paintings so I would say, you no you are heading in the right direction.

Entering the church, I didn’t know what to expect, I had a doubt if this would be for me, and if I would enjoy it, however, I was completely surprised by what I saw as I entered through the dark curtain into the room.

The paintings were transported over the walls and floors by using Virtual projection. It was amazing. There were many chairs in the room to relax on, that was also designed in Van Gogh’s paintings, and you could watch the show which lasted 35 minutes. Different music was played throughout the show, and one of my highlights personally was “Starry Night Over the Rhône” The many shades of blue over the walls and the contrast of yellow was very hypnotizing to watch. Also, the steam train which was also very impressive because of the moving smoke that covered the walls of the train.

The idea of the experience is to travel through the paintings and shows off the painters life.

The next area to visit, you see a moving picture called The Vases that represents Van Gogh’s love for painting flowers. There is also a special place where children can do drawing activities which then leads to the VR experience.

The VR is an additional charge however, it is an incredible experience. and one I suggest you try. It takes you deeper into the paintings and you “virtually” travel through each one. There are 8 paintings that you visit, which informational telling you about each one. And it’s 360. You visit Gogh’s famous paintings that start with Vincent’s room. It takes you through the house and opens the door to the art world.

Through the VR

You get transported to the famous painting The meadows, the forest, the village and ends with Starry Night Over the Rhône.  It was excellent. The colours in each one were so detailed that you almost forgot that you were wearing a VR headset. I loved it.

The Van Gogh The Immersive Experience is defiantly a place I would recommend to visit this summer. Even for people like me who perhaps don’t have an artistic knowledge background, you would absolutely enjoy the experience and the whole family can come too.


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