Vacaciones en Cataluña

This Summer I went back to visit Spain and my amazing friends in Catalonia. I visited some incredible places that I think you should visit too.


Sitges is the best place for a family to spend their holidays. It has everything from hotels, pools bars and restaurants and of course the sand and sea.

Not to mention it has a lovely town too with quirky streets where you can wine and dine and buy your souvenirs too. It is also known for being very Gay-friendly with showing support with flags and hosting events.

I also love the palm trees surrounding the town and the beach beds are very cheap to rent too. If you like water sports, they also offer this as well with lots of different activities to choose from.


Next stop on the Costa Brava coast was Cambrils.

Again this is a very family-friendly beach but quieter than Sitges. The beaches are wider and are also surrounded with lovely palm trees to remind you of your tropical Spanish/Catalan experience.

We spend the day at the beach and for lunch, we found a great bar on the beach where it served lots of different food and of course Paella and Sangria. The town is also much bigger than Sitges too with lots of shops and bars that are open until 10-11pm.

You can also catch a mini train that takes you on a tour around the town so you get the whole Cambrils experience and it only costs a few euros each.

Here is a little video of Cambrils and Tarragona and some more of the best spots to see while you are out here:


Next on the agenda was Torredembarra and was my personal favourite out of the three.  The beaches were huge and very quiet too. The sea was amazing to swim in and you could see the fish in the sea swimming within the waves. Something definitely unique to this area.

We ate the most amazing Tapas in a bar called “El Bodegon” where I would definitely recommend you visit during the day and also on a night too. Of course, we ate the famous Potatas Bravas, along with Croquetas. If you haven’t tried this before, its a must- they are delicious.

On a night there are lots of bars open along the beach and the harbour. We visited Chiringuito de Torredembarra” where the bar was in the middle of the beach. We drank Tequila Sunrise with lit sparklers.


For a bit of city life, I would recommend visiting Lleida. The cathedral “La Seu Vella” is amazing to see and walk around. On a night it looks even more beautiful when the lights are lit around it.

When you’re tired of walking around and need a break- The castle bar “1203” is a great relaxing point with the views of the city behind. We ordered pink gin and tonic and it came with a little bowl of sweets on the side. The castle also has many events on too, so it’s worth checking before you go so you don’t miss them.

For food we went for Tapas at “Rita Coko” and it was incredible. There was so much choice and different versions of the traditional Tapas too.

Shopping is also a must in Lleida and the street most famous for it is “Carrer Major” and it has everything you could possibly want and might take you a good few hours to complete it.

Here is a video of what you can also do in Lleida:


  • Bring lots of suncream- factor 30+ becuase it gets hot and sometimes there is a breeze and feels cooler than it is
  • Learn some Spainish or Catalan before you go. A lot of the restaurant menus are not in English and its easier to communicate in Spanish.
  • Bring lots of water to the beach. The beach side bars are expensive and its cheaper from the mini supermarkets.
  • Do as the locals do- try the local food- you wont regret it.


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