The York Roast Co

I visited The York Roast Co in York which is famous for its Yorkypud wrap. When walking down Low Petergate you are hit with the sweet smell of stuffing and the heavenly smell of a roast cooking. You are just too tempted to not stop and look in the window to see what they are preparing.

The shop gives you a great choice of things to choose, from sandwiches and even vegetarian options and those extra bits on the side that you always need.

We choose the Beef Stuffing and Horseradish sauce Beasty Sandwich (£6.45), Pork Yorkshire Pudding Meal (£7.80), No Bread Pork Sandwich (£5.95) and two sides of Roast Potatoes (£2.80) and Seasonal Vegetables (£2.85)

The service was super speedy with one boy taken the order and money, and three others on the work stations making the food up, so we didn’t have to wait long at all and took a seat upstairs with the views of the square below.

The sheer excitement of collecting this was just the best, the smell of the roast potatoes steaming with the gravy was just mouth watering.

The Yorkshire Pudding Meal was delicious. Pork, Roast Potatoes, Stuffing, and Seasonal Vegetables were placed on a giant Yorkshire Pudding with gravy. Every bit of it was so tasty and I loved how the vegetables were al dente and still have a lovely crunch to them. It was a perfect Sunday Dinner in a box.

The Beef Sandwich was luscious with generous portions of tender beef. The bread soaked in the sources perfectly that every bite was savoured.

The No Bread Sandwich was full of Pork Meat slices, Vegetables, Roast Potatoes and gravy and it’s perfect for those who might prefer a lighter Sunday dinner meal. The gravy was extra flavoursome and the pork was very tender and perfectly sliced.

Finally the two sides. The Roast Potatoes were divine. They were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside with a layer or gravy coating them.

The vegetables were lovely too and were seasoned perfectly.

Overall the experience of The York Roast Co was a definite positive one. Each meal was enjoyed and not a scrap was wasted. I thought it was great value for money and you can have the option of eating in or out for no extra charge. The restaurant was bright, generously spaced out, and had information and pictures on the wall. I fully recommend The York Roast Co.


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