Eden Camp

Eden Camp is an award-winning museum where the history of wartime comes alive and transports you back to that era. There is so much to see while you are here, and the history is displayed and shown in huts around the site.

There are 29 different huts to see along with three Mess Huts, The Garage, Military Vehicles, Memorials and Prefab & Dig for Victory Gardens.

Each hut is clearly labelled and it’s easy to find the trail and follow the pattern that the huts are laid out. What I really enjoyed about visiting the huts is that they are all complete different to each other. The clever displays, lighting and sounds makes you think that you are in the war, for example when visiting the Blitz, I felt feelings of being frightened, the chaos that the towns and people from the towns would have felt, and the complete darkness.

Each cabin showed the war in different areas, like a timeline of events and historical facts. They showed what the woman’s role was during the war, and what happened to the children and where they went.

Another place where I really enjoyed visiting was The Street at War. It showed what the fashion was like in the 1940’s and what a typical British street would have looked like. They showed all sorts of things from toys, clothes and food.

It’s not only WW2 that they show in the museum, there is also WW1 history, which covers the main events of the war.

Coming out of Eden Camp, I came out with so much more knowledge of the war that I didn’t no before, and what the day to day life that people experienced. The museum is a place for all ages to visit, and you can bring your dog along too. I would definalty reccomend you to visit.


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