Malton, North Yorkshire

Malton in North Yorkshire is a market town famous for its markets and amazing food.

Every month, they hold their monthly market, which brings hundreds of people to the town. Selling clothes, gifts and local produce, they also hold cooking demonstrations from chefs.

In May, they host their Food Lover’s Festival which has over 30 thousand people visiting over the weekend. Featured at the festival, they have live music, a bar, street food and lots more including family entertainment.

When walking around the town, there are lots of independent shops, selling things from homemade chocolate to hand decorated items. They also have great cafes and restaurants.

malton 1

Wharram Percy, which is only a short 6-mile drive from Malton town centre, is a great historical spot to see. It is a deserted medieval village, with foundations of two manor houses and 40 peasant homes.

Not forgetting Malton’s museum, which is run by volunteers and has some interesting finds, including roman coins and candlesticks.


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