A brief history of Haxby

I took a short trip around Haxby for their Scarecrow Festival this year. I decided to go onto the green trail which led me through the village. I also talk briefly about the history of Haxby and some of the walking trails beside the river.

There are lots of other events that take place here, such as Haxby Carnival where a parade marches through the village and heads to the playing field.



The Scarecrow festival brings visitors to the village and its lovely to see the community and businesses coming together. The money they get from the festival goes to charity, and this year they are supporting Cancer Research UK, We Are MacMillan Cancer Support, Haxby Helpers, Flying Ducks Youth Theatre and common good.

haxby 9

They started the Scarecrow festival in 2006 and it has taken off with five different trails to join. The village was extreamly busy with people from all ages, with a quiz in their hands to fill in as they go round.


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